March 24, 2013

Bio-Rad Laboratories (BIO) – Irvine, CA [2004 – 2013]

Building the Largest Interlaboratory Program

825i qsd udurt tn Under my direction, Bio-Rad built up Unity® into the world’s largest, most prestigious interlaboratory quality comparison program with more than 20,000 distinguished laboratories in 93 countries. Unity Web and Unity Real Time are considered as the benchmarks for quality control data management in the industry.
I redefined the software productization process from a traditional waterfall method to a hybrid agile process for regulated environments, substantially increasing productivity and resulting in the release of several products per year, instead of a single product every two years. I upgraded processes, workflows, development tools, and instituted cross-functional productization teams. qsd urt pdp

The Portal for Everything QC

qsd qcnet pdp I revived™, turning an ailing conduit for customers to just retrieve their reports into the diagnostics industry’s premier portal for everything QC.

Striving for [000]

With the rapid growth in online services and the emergence of smart phones I realized the software landscape would rapidly change. Application development required a new approach. New platforms and technologies would present new opportunities for a richer, more efficient user experience. In 2009 I introduced the concept of [000]. The objective was to develop software that would present a uniform user experience across desktop computers, notebooks, mobile phones, and slates or tablets (even though at that time the iPad was just a mere rumor…) and could be launched with virtually ‘zero’ installation support, training, or after sales support. 

The first [000] service that was launched was EQAS Online (as well as EQAS Mobile), a web based data management solution for proficiency testing data management. The approach was proven correct. Since its launch in June of 2012, more than 5,000 labs worldwide have adopted the program with virtually no need for installation assistance, training or support.