March 24, 2013

Visual Software Inc. (now Corel Corp) Woodland Hills, CA [1995 – 1996]




Visual Software was probably the best and most productive team I have ever worked with. With just under 30 people we productized, launched and sold eleven software products in less than a year, the majority of them tremendous retail successes, both on the US market as well as abroad.


  • Managed the productization, from specification to shelf-ready product, of Visual Reality 2.0 (winner of the Windows Sources “Stellar!”, PCG&V “Highly Recommended” and InfoWorld awards), as well as Instant 3D, Simply 3D Superpack and Double Vision.


  • Throughout 1995, Visual Software maintained a market share of over 92%in the 3D Graphics Software market (PC Data Retail Report) by making advanced 3D technology understandable, useful and enjoyable at home and in the office.


  • Maintained close working relationships with hardware and software vendors to evangelize emerging industry standards such as Direct 3D and 3DR.

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Visual Software Inc. was acquired by Micrografx in December of 1995 and the entire operation moved to Richardson, TX. Instant 3D and Simply 3D became part of Micrografx’s popular Graphics Suite.

  • Managed the marketing and internationalization of Simply 3D, Double Vision, Instant 3D and Visual Reality 2.0 for the German, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish markets in less than 6 months.
  • Assisted in the restructuring of Micrografx’s international operations. Developed a prioritization plan for the rollout of localized versions